2024 Jet PreCoolers Are Now Stocked In Bakersfield

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Jet PreCoolers are designed to rapidly force air Pre-Cool and Re-Cool produce and other commodities in conventional cold rooms.

Postharvest cooling rapidly removes field heat from freshly harvested commodities before shipment, storage, or processing. Good cooling is essential for perishable crops. Packers/shippers and third-party logistics managers are asking for an economical forced-air solution that does not require them to modify or reconstruct existing cold storage room.

Jet PreCoolers are the answer.

a) These twin-fan forced-air coolers are truly the best PreCoolers and ReCoolers. Fast, portable, and economical. Twice as fast as a standard bunker cooler. More CFM = faster cooling; it is that simple
b) This design incorporates 30+ years of actual field lessons learned
c) Engineered for 6 to 24 pallets depending on your product and packaging
d) Packaged for LTL truck shipping.  Easy job-site reassembly with only hand tools. No cutting or welding.
e) Join the success: more than 75 twin-fan coolers delivered in the past 10 years
f) The Jet PreCoolers circulate already cooled air inside existing cold storage rooms
g) Suitable for any forced-air cooled palletized product such as straw, black, and blue berries, sweet cherries, grapes, peas, cantaloupes, kiwifruit, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums, asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, endive, green onions, kale, leaf lettuce, parsley, corn, spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower, cucumbers, head lettuce, snap beans, sweet potatoes, apples, apricots, cabbage, celery, summer squash, sweet peppers and more


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