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2021 Veg-Tech Best PreCoolers are Now Available

May 15, 2012 Salinas, CA
Veg-Tech today introduced Best PreCoolers, bringing portable and fast coolers to fruit and vegetable cold rooms everywhere.  The totally re-engineered 2021 models are manufactured in Yuma, AZ and bring 20+ years of customer satisfaction experience to the market.

The forced-air Best PreCoolers are the fastest, most economical, portable cooling solution for fresh fruit and vegetablecold rooms.  With the new and improved 2021 Best PreCoolers you can upgrade your existing cold room to have superior forced air capability by simply plugging in a Best Precooler.  No construction, no permits, no delays.

When Jim Still’s Global Cooling ceased operations in 2019 the production of their Jet-Ready PreCooler came to a halt.  With the Jet-Ready PreCooler no longer available customers began calling and asking for an up-dated cooler according to Fritz Weeth, Veg-Tech’s president and founder.  In response to this market demand Veg-Tech began a thorough design analysis and developed the 2021 Best PreCooler.

Simplicity, performance, durability, and economics were the criteria for the update design process.  The result of that update design is a Best PreCooler with an all-welded steel frame and a pre-programmed variable speed drive operating state-of-the-art fans.  There are only four control buttons: on/off and speed up/down.  Simple control that is easy to train.  No complications and no confusion.

The two 10 Hp fan motors drive custom engineered propellors delivering 32,000+ CFM at 2” static pressure and 44,000+ CFM at 1” static pressure.  More CFM = faster cooling.  It is that simple.  These Best PreCoolers consistently outperform bunker wall systems and farm-built box fans.

Now it is easy to manage the tarp with the included tarp roller.  Just pull the tarp into place and start the cooler.  At the end of the cooling cycle crank the roller to retrieve the tarp.  No more awkward, time-consuming wrestling with tarps.

A run-up timer is included and has a large 4” display that can be read from any location inside your cooler.  No more guess work or confusion for managers and operators.  Best PreCoolers provide consistent, fast cooling and will move more product through your cooling room.

The Veg-Tech Best PreCoolers are available now.  Contact Fritz to place your order.

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