About The Jet PreCooler Company

• The Jet PreCooler Company was formed by Veg-Tech LLC to exclusively focus on designing the finest portable forced-air cooling systems possible. We studied history, listened to customers, and hired the best engineers. The result of this concentrated effort is the 2022 Jet PreCooler. Simply the best.
• Fritz and Marc are available to help you design elegant cooling systems optimized for your needs. We have the specialty vendors and expertise for forced-air, vacuum, ice, and hydro cooling. No hyperbole – just great solutions that will generate profits.
• The Jet PreCooler was designed to be the highest-capacity, fastest cooler for your pre-cooling and re-cooling needs.
• Veg-Tech is headquartered in Salinas, CA – the “Salad Bowl of the World”
• Design services by Jacobs Design Drafting https://jacobsdesigndrafting.com
• Fabricated at Cox Industrial Services https://www.coxindustrial.com in Yuma, AZ – the “Winter Fresh Vegetable Capital”

Marc Nail
Call/Text 661-619-1233

Marc is an expert in developing and cultivating successful, long-term business relationships. He brings to the agriculture industry more than 20 years of savvy and diversified experience in sales, marketing, account management, territory development, customer service and public relations. Marc has worked with numerous top companies throughout the agriculture industry including Bunny Luv, Dole and Earthbound Farms as sales manager, as well as running & managing his own ag company, Nail Down Produce.


Fritz Weeth
Call/Text 831-566-1210

Fritz has a 25+ year management career in row and tree crop farming, manufacturing, and high technology industries. He started Veg-Tech to commercialize unique, patented air handling technology. This technology provides post-harvest pressure coolers the ability to deliver exceptional cooling uniformity. His responsibilities include continuing and new product development, OEM sourcing, and fabrication supervision.

Please contact Jet Precoolers with any questions or requests for assistance.  We are here for you.

Executive Office

1149 Seaview Ave
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7127 E Gila Ridge Road
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