Jet PreCoolers Revolutionize Cooling!

May 1, 2022
These New Jet PreCoolers are a Game Changer
For years, packer/shippers and third-party logistics managers have been asking for an economical forced-air solution that doesn’t require modifying or reconstructing existing cold storage rooms.

Today, Jet PreCoolers are the fastest, most economical, portable cooling solution for fresh fruit and vegetable cold rooms. Simply roll in and plug in a Jet Pre-Cooler. No construction, no permits, no delays. No complications and no confusion. You will have upgraded your existing cold room to have superior forced air capability…it’s just that simple.


Faster Cooling = Fresher Product
Postharvest cooling rapidly removes field heat from freshly harvested commodities before shipment, storage, or processing. It’s absolutely essential for perishable crops to prevent mold and to maximize shelf life.

 Jet PreCoolers are designed to rapidly force air to Pre-Cool and Re-Cool produce (and other commodities) held in conventional cold rooms. Jet PreCoolers provide consistent, fast cooling and so you can move more product through your cooling room—faster, easier and more profitably.


Even the Tarp is Easy
It’s even easy to manage the tarp on a Jet PreCooler with the included tarp roller.  Just pull the tarp into place and start the cooler.  At the end of the cooling cycle crank the roller to retrieve it.  No more awkward, time-consuming wrestling with tarps!

The two 10 Hp fan motors drive custom engineered propellors delivering 32,000+ CFM at 2” static pressure and 44,000+ CFM at 1” static pressure.  More CFM = faster cooling. That’s why these Jet PreCoolers consistently outperform bunker wall systems and farm-built box fans.

In addition, a run-up timer is offered as an optional upgrade and would include a large 4” display that can be read from any location inside your cooler.  No more guesswork or confusion for managers and operators.


Gentlemen start your cold chain!

Jet PreCoolers are tested and ready to work for:
straw, black, and blue berries, sweet cherries, grapes, peas, cantaloupes, kiwifruit, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums, asparagus, broccoli, brussels sprouts, endive, green onions, kale, leaf lettuce, parsley, corn, spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower, cucumbers, head lettuce, snap beans, sweet potatoes, apples, apricots, cabbage, celery, summer squash, sweet peppers and more.

The totally re-engineered Jet PreCooler models are manufactured in Yuma, AZ and bring 30+ years of customer satisfaction and experience to the market.

Jet PreCoolers are available and shipping now! 

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